Testimonials from some of my amazing Yoga and Pilates students

I thank you all so much for the kind words! Tracy Sue

Tracy Sue is an amazing yoga teacher, with incredible knowledge on yoga as well as anatomy, which together makes for an unparalleled practice. In the short time practicing with Tracy Sue I have quickly come to learn so much about my physical body and where my strengths and weaknesses lie, that surprisingly I have not picked up in other yoga classes. It is an intense and challenging class within individual limitations AND so much fun! I love yoga with Tracy Sue and am totally addicted!!! Thank you Tracy Sue for your great energy and strong character!!” Daniela Ferreira


Tracy Sue is for me one of the best Iyengar Yoga teacher I have ever met! She teaches from the heart and not from the brain alone. Her profound knowledge of anatomy and philosophy makes every class interesting and inspiring. Not a single class is the same! She makes the students do the asanas within their capability and the students’ capacity and builds up the willpower of her students. This applies to her Pilates lessons too! Thank you so much Tracy Sue for inspiring us and more importantly taking a personal interest in each of us! You are an amazing teacher!” Daniela Sasse


Tracy Sue, founder of True Passion,  truly was a key figure in my transformation, both mentally and physically. She is a teacher to be admired, commended and respected for her dedication and perfection in the instruction of her practise , and her never ending intention to make her classes both interesting and certainly, challenging. When I first met Tracy Sue, my confidence was somewhat  low, and my anxiety levels were reeling. Looking back now, the  confidence,  joy and positive physical results of her class for me personally , are undoubtedly,  the true fruits of an amazing teacher.  Thanks Tracy Sue! I’ve never experienced a teacher of your calibre before!” Sanchia


Hi Tracy Sue. I just wanted to say thank you for your incredible teaching. It’s so tough but so wonderful and I feel my body getting so strong and I love it. You are so aware of everyone and your individual guidance in the class is remarkable. Thank you for the wonderful work you do ??” Sharon Castle


When I first came to Tracy Sue I could barely walk and I  can now do handstands. I think this says it all. She’s brilliant.” Tracy Jane Moffet


I damaged my periformus in a yoga stretch 19 months ago. It had been giving me progressively more and more pain to the point where I thought there was something seriously wrong. I couldn’t stand for longer than 5 minutes without the pain starting and it was keeping me awake at night.  3 months of pilates and the pain has almost gone. I have always been very flexible but hadn’t ever worked on my core strength to support the flexibility. I have discovered muscles I never knew existed and at nearly 50 am stronger, and more physically balanced and aware than I have ever been. A lovely feeling. Thank you xx” Roz Cryer


I’ve been practicing with True passion yoga studio for two years. Tracy Sue without doubt  delivers the most precise and effective yoga instruction that I’ve ever experienced and it has definitely deepened my yoga practice to a level where my mind/body understanding (due to attention to detail in instruction), overall body strength, flexibility, concentration and stamina have improved a lot. This style of yoga isn’t for sissies and requires dedication and commitment. So worthwhile when you feel how it changes your body and how good you feel. The practical approach of practicing with open eyes I’ve found beneficial in that it helps bring the calm and yoga practice into my every day life outside the studio. The use of ropes and other props challenges the body to new levels of flexibility and muscle memory which can accelerate your practice and work to a deeper level. This, coupled with the phenomenal dedication and technically sound instruction by Tracy Sue will enhance anyones practice. If you are a beginner or ready to deepen your yoga practice I can highly recommend True Passion Yoga Studio.” Kerry Jordan


Tracy Sue could not have chosen a more apt name for her yoga studio – “True Passion”. Her passion, integrity and knowledge of Iyengar Yoga are at the very core of her teaching. To attend her classes, is to experience a skilful combination of the art of teaching and the the science of Iyengar yoga in the purest sense. Tracy’s clear explanations, attention to detail and voice penetrate and encourage her students to understand, perform and grow to the best of their abilities. As students of the subject of yoga, we also benefit greatly from her experience, keen observation and corrections as well as her spiritual guidance. To be a student of Tracy Sue, is to be on a great and interesting journey to discover the true path and vast subject of Iyengar Yoga. Thank you Tracy for your ‘True Passion’!Marune Van Vuuren


Tracy Sue
Certified BKS Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Iyengar Yoga (BKS Iyengar Yoga) by Tracy Sue

Tracy Sue
Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor (3rd Generation)

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Pilates (Classical Pilates) by Tracy Sue

Tracy Sue
Qualified Personal Trainer Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Personal Fitness Training by Tracy Sue

Tracy Sue
Qualified SAAHSP Beauty Therapist

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Massage (specialising in KAHUNA'S) by Tracy Sue

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