Are you as interested in body, mind, Yoga and Pilates as I am?

My intrigue with Yoga

Years ago I travelled across India on a classic Enfield motorbike with nothing but my backpack, my partner and the company of some dear friends. My curiosity with different cultures lead me to this glorious country with its myriad colours, landscapes, spices and peculiar activities like Yoga. From the congested fast-pace streets of New Delhi to the secluded routes of rural villages in the territory of Karnataka, I would see locals and visiting Westerners partaking in the practice of Yoga. I was drawn to it. So in 1999 I thought I would give Yoga a bash – I was immediately hooked. Within a year, encouraged by my then teacher I enrolled for a Yoga teacher-training programme and within a few years she had me instructing her classes. I later qualified through the YYI (Young Yoga Institute) and opened my own Yoga centre in Pennington, KwaZulu Natal.

Inspired by some great BKS Iyengar Yoga teachers

Although YYI comes from Iyengar teachings I was introduced to authentic BKS Iyengar Yoga by Senior Iyengar Teacher David Jacobs, I knew that this was the style of Yoga that I wanted to teach and share with others. Over the years I attended many of David’s workshops and always found them to be a great source of inspiration. There is a saying that a body-mind will always have some karma manifestation, some process of activity which keeps it acting and reacting and I wonder sometimes just how much Yoga steers me on a subconscious level.

I lived in Australia briefly for 16 months in 2012/2013  which enabled me to have the privilege of training with Senior Iyengar Teacher Simon Morrocco in New South Wales. Through this life-journey I was also able to attend extensive classes of Senior Iyengar Teacher Jan O’Donaghue at the Gold Coast School of Iyengar Yoga. Returning to South Africa in 2014 on a new passage of life’s travels I continue to study and teach BKS Iyengar Yoga from my studio True Passion in Salt Rock, Umhlali, KwaZulu Natal. I then finally managed to become certified as a BKS Iyengar Teacher in November 2015.  I successfully managed my studio in South Africa teaching Iyengar Yoga and Classical Pilates classes until I returned to live in Australia in April 2017.

Piriformis syndrome took me on a path to Pilates

While Yoga blends the principles of enlightened living and higher consciousness it is a very physical practice and a niggling strain diagnosed as piriformis syndrome which needed an additional form of exercise took me on a path to Pilates in 2006. This system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture while enhancing mental awareness was an activity that I very quickly became enthusiastic about. Pilates is a form of exercise that greatly complements Yoga and was just what I needed to help me recover from the piriformis syndrome.

Again through the encouragement of my teacher I pursued a qualification in teaching Classical Pilates. I qualified as an Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor (3rd Generation) – The New York Pilates Method in 2011 with Instructor Andri Maris (3rd Generation) and Instructor Natasha Madel (2ndGeneration).

I bring uniqueness to personal training

During my first stay in Australia in 2012 I was amazed at how many people where constantly out-and-about and health conscious.  As I had the time I decided to join a gym and was soon encouraged to find out why people chose working out in a gym rather than do Pilates and Yoga so I took the plunge and qualified as a Personal Trainer with Certificate III & IV in Fitness with Inspire through the Success Academy of Fitness.

With my knowledge of Yoga and Pilates I do believe that I can bring uniqueness to personal training as I am passionate about alignment and correct posture. Repetition of incorrect posture is abusive to the body.  Although I used to offer SGT (small group training) sessions of 30min that includes PT, cardio-like boxing, skipping, agility, TRX ropes etc, I now do not as I choose to focus purely on Yoga and Pilates, however I have a deeper understanding of the gym type body which is to my advantage.

Kahuna Transitional Bodywork Massage and Qualified  (SAAHSP) Beauty Therapist

I qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 2001 (SAAHSP) and opened my own studio from home in Pennington, KwaZulu Natal which I ran successfully for 11 years offering Facials, Mani’s Pedi’s, Waxing, Hot Stone, African Rungu Massage, Bamboo Massage and Kahuna Bodywork Massage. I had to make decision when opening my second studio True Passion in Salt Rock, KZN and that was to focus 100% on my teaching, allowing only time for Kahuna massage which I am still passionate about.  It is a very flowing massage, with a lot of contact, no anticipation and the music is a vital ingredient.  I consider this as my speciality.

True Passion Studio

I opened True Passion which most people know me by, a fully equipped Iyengar Yoga, Classical Pilates, Fitness, Massage Centre in April 2014. Based in Salt Rock, Umhlali, KwaZulu Natal and closed its doors in March 2017 because I immigrated to Australia.

Impression Yoga and Pilates Studio

Life takes all kinds of roads, some are steep hills, some are windy, some are wet and slippery and some seem to want to drop off a steep cliff.  If we do not embrace the change, slow down or speed up when we have to how will we grow, how will we learn.

So here I am back in Australia.  We arrived in April 2017 and this time happy to be here and to stay and make the very most of my life, my kids life and my partners life.

I had to close the True Passion Studio which was heart breaking.  In the 3½ years the Studio was open I was very blessed to have the most amazing clients.  Loyal and dedicated to their practice, whether it was Iyengar Yoga, Classical Pilates or Aerial Yoga.  Some coming up to 3 times a week. As a teacher I jumped leaps and bounds with experience and knowledge.

Impression Yoga and Pilates Studio is then name of my new studio.  The name Impression resonates well with me as it’s the positive impact I aim to imprint on your life when you attend my Studio.  I wish to impress you, I want you to leave my studio or teaching having a positive impression and imprint physically, mentally and spiritually or Samskara as we know it in Yoga a “mental impression, recollection psychological imprint”  I aim to imprint only positive Impressions / Samskara with all my clients.

I am currently teaching Pilates at two local Pilates Studios on the Sunshine Coast and I have set a home Studio where classes are very personalized whether Iyengar Yoga or Pilates. As my studio offers Iyengar Yoga and Classical Pilates classes I feel it is Unique to the Sunshine Coast.  Two amazing disciplines under one roof.  I am also still offering Kahuna Massage.  I am registered with the Pilates Association of Australia (PAA) for those who wish to claim though health care.

Please have a look at the time table and if you wish to contact me I would love to hear from you.  You can email me you can find me on Instagram @impressionyogapilates and my old Facebook page  and my new Facebook Page or give me a call on 0447036986 if I am unable to take your call please leave a message and I will call you back.

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Tracy Sue
Certified BKS Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Iyengar Yoga (BKS Iyengar Yoga) by Tracy Sue

Tracy Sue
Advanced Classical Pilates Instructor (3rd Generation)

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Pilates (Classical Pilates) by Tracy Sue

Tracy Sue
Qualified Personal Trainer Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Personal Fitness Training by Tracy Sue

Tracy Sue
Qualified SAAHSP Beauty Therapist

Impression Yoga and Pilates: Massage (specialising in KAHUNA'S) by Tracy Sue

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