BKS Iyengar we salute you


I dedicate my first brief article to the late Mr BKS Iyengar who sadly passed away at the age of 95 last Wednesday, 20th August, he has left a hole in our hearts as Yogi’s but his legacy will live on forever.  This is the style of Yoga that I teach at my studio True Passion in Salt Rock.

Mr BKS Iyengar also known to many as Guruji dedicated his life to Yoga.  Born in 1918 and leading an extremely unhealthy childhood in India, at the age of 14 he started practicing Yoga under the guide of his brother in law,  Sri T. Krishnamacharya to try and overcome his ill health.  At the age of 17/18 he started teaching Yoga.   He was the Indian Guru responsible for bringing Yoga to the West.

Guided by the principles of Patanjali Yoga, Iyengar emphasized form and postures, called asanas, to realign weak areas of the body. He also introduced the use of props, such as belts, ropes, blankets and weights, which enabled him and other people with health problems to build strength and perform challenging exercises. Iyengar yoga gradually became recognized as a treatment for headaches, hypertension, arthritis and other medical conditions.

Iyengar differs from the other styles of yoga by these four key elements:

Technique – precision of body alignment through the performance of asana and pranayama.
Sequence – practicing specific combinations of asanas and breathing exercises correctly ensure the desired positive effect.
Timing – is defined by the time spent in each asana correctly.
Props – work as supports or correction.

Iyengar Yoga is ideal for all levels; a complete beginner to an adept Yogi, they will be able and equally challenged.

Mr IYENGAR – GURUJI,  I salute your life long contribution towards Yoga.  I never had the privilege of being taught by Mr Iyengar personally even though I spent two lengthy times in India, but I have had the privilege of second hand teaching by amazing Senior Iyengar Yoga teachers here in South Africa and during my stay in Australia, who were taught directly by him, for that I’m grateful and can only share what I have been taught.

If you are interested in Iyengar Style Yoga, please visit my website http://tracysuetruepassion.co.za/ or give me a call 079 448 1033.  I have a fully equipped Iyengar Style Studio, which I opened in April upon my return to South Africa, in Salt Rock. Thank you. Tracy Sue.

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